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I am the emeritus Anthony J. Petullo Professor of Art, at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, where I also hold emeritus status as a University Scholar and Distinguished Teacher/Scholar.

Three of my most satisfying accomplishments at Illinois were the co-founding of the New Media program, creation of Writing with Video, and development of the Art+Design Minor. More details below.

Art+Design Minor | 2015
Designed, developed, and initiated a campus-wide minor to address increased demand for art and design courses. Enrollment increased rapidly and for the past two years has been capped at 200 students due to staffing limitations – demand continues to exceed capacity.

Writing with Video | 2005 – 2016
Developed as an Advanced Composition General Education course, it engaged students in a comprehensive exploration of video as a rhetorical narrative medium, with emphasis on the actual production of video work. The course focused on creativity, inquiry, design thinking, reflection, communication, and composition. Each semester there were  4 – 6 undergraduate sections and 1 graduation section. Demand from students far exceeded seats available. Severe budget cuts in 2016 eliminated funding.
– TEDx talk: When Composition Comes Off the Page
– Student video in which students talk about their experience in the class: Jayda and Emily | Hannah Lee

New Media Program | 2000 – 2007
Co-founded an MFA program dedicated to exploring new technologies, new audiences, and new venues as they relate to contemporary art practice. Participated in the development and approval of a BFA program in 2007. Served as program chair prior to assuming duties as Associate Director of the School of Art+Design.

A W A R D S  |  H O N O R S
List of Teachers Ranked Outstanding | every year since 1991.

Fellow, University of Illinois Teaching Academy | 2013.

Fellow, iFoundry, College of Engineering | 2008.

Fellow, Academy for Entrepreneurial Leadership, 2005. [promotional video]

Distinguished Teacher/Scholar (Serves to “engage some of the most distinguished faculty in work designed to advance the instructional mission of the University”. One of two faculty selected.) | 2001 – present.

Faculty Fellow, National Center for Supercomputing Applications, 2001.

NASA Means Business Student Competition winner, Virtual Mars Community. A web site designed to support a Mars mission. Other competing universities included Stanford, Georgia Tech, Texas A&M, Harvard, and MIT. Joint project with MBA Program, College of Commerce, 2000.

Campus Award for Innovation in Undergraduate Instruction, 1998.

Outstanding Faculty Award, College of Fine and Applied Arts, 1997.

Fellow, Lily Teaching Scholars, 1994.

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